Turbo Tomato!
Turbo Tomato! Screenshot
Turbo Tomato! Screenshot
Turbo Tomato! Screenshot

Fruit has never been so much fun!

The Garden, a pastoral haven. The sun shines, the birds sing, the grass grows, and the fruits, vegetables and other creatures live peaceful and happy lives. In this idyllic place live brother and sister Turbo and Nitra Tomato, enjoying the simple life with their friends.

But an uneasy feeling is creeping in to their seemingly perfect picture. Rumours of strange happenings in other gardens reach them through the fences. Stories of poisoned soil and of normal fruit and vegetable folk turning in to monsters overnight. "These are just ghost stories to scare the seedlings!", laugh Turbo and Nitra, "It won’t happen here!".

Until it does...

Five a day? Come get some!

Play as Turbo and/or Nitra Tomato and try to uncover the truth behind events in The Garden. Use speed and the bombs that sprout from the ground to do battle with the increasingly dangerous mutant fruits and vegetables - and other things! - you encounter along the way. Gather power-ups and bonus items to increase your abilities and survive to continue the fight. Clear each level of mutants to progress and choose your route across the four non-linear worlds.

Can you uncover the terrible secret?

Can you save The Garden?


  • Fast, one or two player co-op arcade action
  • Four multi-level, non-linear worlds to cross
  • A host of enemies, special enemies and very special enemies
  • Explosions! So many beautiful explosions!


A game for Classic Amiga computers from NIVRIG GAMES.

Published by Bitmap Soft.

Follow the Turbo Tomato Development Log and YouTube to keep up with development and release news!

Screenshots are representative and taken from in-development versions, and may not accurately reflect the final game.

Turbo Tomato! Screenshot
Turbo Tomato! Screenshot
Turbo Tomato! Screenshot
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